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geyermusic.com was created by Steve Geyer as a website to facilitate music students with an online music education resource as well as a home to showcase the recording facility, students' achievements and the music of select artists and performers.

Geyer Music was established in 1992 by Stephen Geyer as a private music school in Ottawa, Canada. In 1995 Geyer Music employed 6 instructors and instructed over 100 students. By 2000 Steve had decided to fly solo and build the audio production side.

Today Steve continues to instruct music students of a wide variety of age, skill and background while running the digital audio facility which is available for recording and audio/video production.

About Stephen Geyer:

Steve's training started at a young age in The Netherlands with private piano lessons. He progressed quickly and his aptitude and interest for music soon became apparent. During the summer he taught himself chording on an old classical guitar.

At 14, having moved to Mississauga, Ontario, Steve played French Horn in the High School concert band while continuing his piano studies with the Royal Conservatory of Music. It was at this time his musical interests expanded to popular music performance and he took to electric guitar, bass and drums. Since pop music wasn't taught in his private studies, Steve spent many an afternoon learning how to play "by ear" by copying the sounds on his favourite records.

In 1985 Steve auditioned on piano for the music program at Humber College, Toronto and was thrilled and honoured when the acceptance letter arrived in the mail. He attended the same year as the renowned guitarist Jeff Healey.

After moving to Ottawa, Steve started playing keyboards in his first professional Rock band. Since then he's played with several different groups through the years performing rock, pop and blues on keyboards but also on guitar, drums, bass and vocals. Some of these bands received local acclaim through competitions and recordings on vinyl, cassette and CD.

During his Ottawa years Steve managed a local music school overseeing 20 staff and over 400 students, running band programs and teaching private lessons on piano, guitar and drums. Steve became a specialist in bridging Classical music and Rock music and passing on his passion for all styles.

In 1995, having established his own music school and himself as a producer, Steve started playing the keyboard live at the Ottawa Senators hockey games.

Steve played hockey organ chants for the Ottawa Senators since the early days at the Civic Centre.

As a freelance teacher, producer, musician and composer Steve is involved in a variety of music and audio related projects.
At the CRCC (Communications Research Centre Canada) he has been a regular on the list of "critical listeners" for testing of audio research projects.

Steve has recorded in prestigious studios from Toronto to Ottawa as a session player and has produced solo and group CD's, recorded choirs and composed and arranged custom music for organizations and individuals.

Today Steve continues to teach private lessons in piano, guitar, drums, theory and digital multitrack recording. He composes, records and produces music in his home studio while developing his website to include online interactive music education and to showcase his students, clients and recording artists.

You might see him playing in and around the Ottawa area in one of his 2 current projects: Iyono Ede Duo and Ridin' Shotgun.


Soundcheck at Greenfields in Barrhaven

With Becky Abbott Band at Ottawa Bluesfest

Spending some downtime playing

Visited by students at an Ottawa Senators game



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